Name : Nameer Abdulkareem Khudhair Alzubaidi

title : Professor

College : Veterinary Medicine

Department : Public Health

Email :

Nameer Abdulkareem Khudhair Alzubaidi
I obtained Baccalaureate degree in veterinary medicine & surgery in 1999-2000 from Basrah university and worked as veterinarian for about 3 years complete Master degree through this period in animal production department of agriculture college /physiology(2005) and employed as assist lecturer in veterinary medicine college , published through these period about 4 researches about animal physiology and nutrition to upgrade for lecturer in 2009 ,get certificate in ruminant nutrition from Michigan state university and USDA after training course (2 months in USA) and obtained the PhD in physiology from veterinary medicine college at 2013 and now I am associated professor .