Everything that concerns the teaching staff from the faculty portal and the search for faculty at Basra University in addition to all of their literature, statistics, promotions, etc.

pic name title department
Abbas Abdul-razzaq Khadhair Almoalef Lecturer Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Armin Sarkis Khosrof Markaryan Assistant Lecturer Architecture Engineering
Jameel Qasim Hameed Assistant Professor English Language
Ban Yaseen Maki Lecturer Finance and Banking
Katherine Bander Faraj Yasir Assistant Lecturer Microbiology
Ghofran Khaild Shraida Assistant Lecturer Basic Medical Sciences
Ammar Sabah Abdullah Assistant Lecturer Artistic Education
Hasanain A. H. Al-Hilfi Lecturer Computer Center
Firas M. Abdulkader Lecturer Physiology
Shadia Saddam Fahid Alhamd Assistant Lecturer Biology
Munther Zeara Kassim Alhusani Lecturer Arabic Language
Eman Talib Jasim Mohammed Alghareeb Assistant Lecturer Information Systems
HASAN MAHMOOD HAMEED Assistant Lecturer Pharmacology and Toxicology
Inas Kassim Mohammed Ali Al Hwaichem Lecturer Marine Science Center
Adel Hameed Raheem Assistant Lecturer English language