Everything that concerns the teaching staff from the faculty portal and the search for faculty at Basra University in addition to all of their literature, statistics, promotions, etc.

pic name title department
HUSAM S. AL-SALMAM Assistant Professor Physics
Madher N. Alfindee Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical chemistry
Sabah Mahdi Kreem Professor Applied Sciences
Anwer Mossa Jassim Mohamed AL-Aaragee Assistant Lecturer Electical Engineering
Ahmad Abd Al Kadhem Mohammed Ahmad Al Mudhafer Assistant Lecturer Agricultural Machinery
Dr.Dhyaa R.Mohammad Professor Arabic language
Musaab Adil Alaziz Lecturer Computer Engineering
Issam Mohammed Ali Lecturer Soil Sciences and Water Resources
Ahmed Jasem Hmood ALMALIKY Lecturer Physics
Amjad Almusaed Professor Architecture Engineering
Ali M. Hadi Lafw Al-Maliki Assistant Lecturer Accounting
Basil Hani Jasim Professor Electical Engineering
Rafeda M.Al-Amiri Assistant Lecturer Basic Sciences
Yousif Naaem Hammed Salah Alsalah Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy
Wael Kassim Jawad Assistant Professor Applied Sciences