Everything that concerns the teaching staff from the faculty portal and the search for faculty at Basra University in addition to all of their literature, statistics, promotions, etc.

pic name title department
Mohammad Ramadan Mohammad Professor Geography
Rnan Adnan Fayez Habeeb Al-jaberi Assistant Professor Microbiology
Mushtaqsalim Lecturer Arabic language
Ahmed Yahya Issa Rubaye Assistant Professor Chemistry
ً Widad M. Taher Al-Asadi Assistant Professor Environment sciences
Masar Ismael Al-Rabeeah Assistant Lecturer Mathematics
Fahmi Shaaban Radhi Hasoon Alsalihi Assistant Professor Physics
Faiz Abdulwahid Jahlool Alwaeely Professor Biochemistry
Qais Nasir Rahai Assistant Professor Basrah and Arab Gulf Studies
Hamza Bakr Salman Professor Physics
Ayad Abd_alwahab Abd_algager Mohmed Almobark Assistant Professor Plants Protection
Fareed Hameed Majeed Mosawi Assistant Professor Civil Engineering
Aliya Saied Lecturer History
Reham Adnan Radhi Salman Assistant Lecturer Periodontal Diseases
Sabah Mahdi Kreem Professor Applied Sciences