Name : Mohammad

title : Lecturer

College : Science

Department : Environment sciences

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Curriculum Vitae Personal Data: Name: Mohammad Salim Moyel Permanent Address: Basrah-Iraq E-Mail:, Cell Phone No. : +964 (0)7707320699 Birth: 03 Feb.1977-Basrah City Languages: Arabic and English Place of Issue: Basrah -Iraq Academic Qualifications: Degree University College Department Mark Rank B. Sc. Basrah Science Biology 83.01 Very good M. Sc. Basrah Science Biology 87.88 Very good • Major Field of Specialization for B.Sc.: Biology. • Major Field of Specialization for M.Sc.: Water Quality • Title of M.Sc. Thesis: Assessment of water quality of the northern part of Shatt al Arab River, using water quality index (Canadian Version). Employment Record: Title Position College Department From To Ass. Res. Basrah Univ. Science Biology 2005 2011 M. Sc. Basrah Univ. Marine Science Centre Marine environmental chemistry 2011 2016 M. Sc. Basrah Univ. Science Ecology 2016 Up to now Researches: (published) 1- Najah A.Hussain, Amjid k. Resin, Mujtaba A. Tahir and Mohammad S. Moyel. (2011). Water quality index (WQI) for three southern restored marshes (East Hammar, Al-Huwaza and Suq Al-Shouykh) during the years 2005 ,2006, 2007 and 2008. Proc. 6th Int. Con. Biol. Sci. (Zool), 438-443. 2- Mohammad S. Moyel, Ali H. Amteghy, Tarik K. Naseer, Enas A. Mahdi, Buthaina M. Younus and Mahasin A. Albadran). Comparison of total hardness, calcium and magnesium concentrations in drinking water (RO), and municipal water with WHO and local authorities at Basrah province, Iraq. Marsh Bulletin 8(1) (2013)65-75. 3- Mohammad, S. M. (2014). Assessment of water quality of the Shatt al Arab River, using multivariate statistical technique. Mesopotamia Environmental Journal, 1(1): 39-46. 4- Faris, J. A.; Ali, H. A. and Mohammad, S. M. (2014). Assessment of contamination by trace metals and petroleum hydrocarbons in water and sediments of the Tigris and Shatt Al Al Arab rivers and NW Arabian Gulf/ Iraq. International Journal of Environment & Water. 3(5): 119-130. 5- Mohammad Salim Moyel, Najah Aboud Hussain. (2015). Water Quality Assessment of the northern part of Shatt al Arab River, southern Iraq. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine 2015; 3(6): 459-465. 6- Mohammad S. Moyel, Ali H. Amteghy, Wesal F. Hassan, Enas A. Mahdi and Hussien H. Khalaf. (2015). Application and evaluation of water quality pollution indices for heavy metal contamination as a monitoring tool in Shatt Al Arab River. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC RESEARCH FOR MULTIDISCIPLINARY; 3(4): 67-75. Researches 1- Application of water quality index approach for groundwater quality assessment in Basrah province, Iraq. 2- Ground Water Chemistry and Quality Assessment of the Dibdibba Aquifer at Safwan- Zubair Area, Southern Iraq. Projects (Completed): I have participated in the Project (Hydrological Study of the Euphrates River and main outfall drain) as a member of water quality team. Report s