Curriculum Vitae Name: Sawsan Issa Habeeb Aljabere Date of birth: 23/ 12/ 1961 Marital status: Married. Nationality: Iraq Education : M.B.Ch.B, Basra University. Higher education: F.I.C.M.S. /D.C.H/ Pediatrics, 1995-1996 Present address: Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, Basra University. Academic title: Professor of Pediatrics. E. mail: Google Scholar: Research Gate Web of Science of Science ResearcherID  G-8999-2019 Scopus : ORCID : • Professor of Pediatrics / Basra Medical College since 2016 • Member of the Committee of modernizing curricula • Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Basra Medical College • Supervisor of postgraduate students 'Iraqi and Arab board' and published 22 researches • Attendance conference on communication skills and preconference work shop " what to reach and how to teach communication skills (5-10/9/2016) " held in German by EACH • Implementing communication skills curriculum for Basra medical college in Arabic language • Monitoring ongoing process and development of the curriculum through introducing training workbook manual for first- and second-year students • Introduction of CS as experiential learning in local language (Arabic)  First year: Introduction of basic concepts of communication skills  Second year: learning CS in safe environment (small group learning and role play)  Third year: applied CS history building with a real patients interview  Fourth to fifth year: Further integration of CS with clinical training is planned .  Sixth year: Practicing CS with real patients emphasizing on special issues as angry patient , breaking bad news and pediatric age group  Reference: Arabic textbook “Art of Medical Dialogue”