CURRICULUM VITAE Surname : AL- Abbasi Name : Ahmed Mohammed Gender : MALE Place of birth : BASRAH-IRAQ. Date of Birth :24th of NOVEMBER 1967 Marital status : MARRIED WITH 3 kids Nationality : IRAQI Postal Address : E.mail: / Mobile No. : 009647707155570 - 009647827654360 EDUCATION STUDY: Primary School 1973-1979 High Secondary School 1979- 1985 College of Medicine,University of Basrah-Iraq 1985- 1991 Date of Primary Qualification (M.B.,Ch.B.) June-1991 Rank of Graduation degree: 71.77 (Grade:Good ) Iraqi Board of Otolaryngology. 1999 - 200 Language of instruction: All Under-graduate and Post-Graduate Teaching Was in ENGLISH Certification (Degree): -F.R.C.S . (Glassgow): United Kingdom 2013 -FICMS : Fellow of Iraqi committion of medical specialization of otolaryngology Head and Neck surgery 1999 -2000 Baghdad. Iraq -MBChB : june 1991 University of Basrah- Iraq. CURRENT POSITION: - Dean of College of Medicine . University of Basrah, 2013 - Professor of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck surgery - Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Basrah since 2012. -Vice Dean of College of Medicine - University of Basrah 2007- 2013 -Specialist of otolaryngologist at Basrah General Hospital Since 2000 - Consultant Otolaryngologist at Basrah General Hospital Since 2012 -Clinical Supervisor of Iraqi Board of Otolaryngology Since 2006 -Clinical Supervisor of Arab board of Otolaryngology Since 2007 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: -Experience in Septorhinoplasty Surgery. - Experience in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, and skull base surgery -Experience in change management and Medical education. Training courses 1-From 12/6/2008 to 10/8/2008 Rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery Training course in Stuttgart - Germeny. 2-From 24/10/2008 to 11/11/2008 participated in academic course of change management in Cambridge - UK. 3-From 12/11 / 2008 to 12/12/2008 training course in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Addenbrok hospital- Cambridge - UK. 3- From 8/3/2014 to 9/4/2014 training course in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Lari Boaser hospital - Paris / France. MEDICAL SOCIETIES: -Iraqi Medical association -Iraqi Association of otolaryngology -Panarab association of otolaryngology - head and Neck surgery -Member of Arab Board for Medical Specialization - Member of ENT- UK association 2008-2009 - Member of North America skull base suegery society HOSPITAL APPOINTMENTS: 1- Rotational Internship: Basrah General Hospital, 1991- 1992; general surgery, general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics three months each. From 1992- 1993 internship in ophthalmology. 2- General Practitioner in Rural Service in Al-mudaina Hospital , 1994-1995 , Basrah-Iraq. 3- Senior House Officer: Ophthalmology in Basrah Teaching Hospital, 1995-1996. 4- Senior House Officer: Candidate of Iraqi Board of Otolaryngology 1996 to 2000, in Ba