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title : Assistant Professor

College : Education - Qurna

Department : Biology

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A Study of the Relationship between the Taste Sensitivity of Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) and Blood Pressure (Random Sample from the Students of Qurna Co Journal Journal of biosciences and medicines 2018 download
Molecular genetic study of PTC tasting in Basra population Journal Journal of natural science researches 2015 download
Dental Caries among Tasters and Non-Tasters of PTC Substance in Students of Qurna Population Journal Journal of Molecular Biology Research 2019 download
A study of ABO blood groups and Rhesus factor distribution among sample of Missan province population Journal Journal of Basrah Researches ((Sciences) Vol. (36). A / No.(5) .15 October (( 2010)) 2010 download
A Study of Phenylthiocarbamide Polymorphism Among Basrah Population/ Iraq Journal INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH 2014 download
دراسة وراثية لحساسية تذوق مادة الفينايل ثايوكارباميد (PTC (لعينة من سكان محافظة ميسان (عينة عشوائية من طلبة جامعة ميسان) Journal مجلة ميسان للدراسات الاكاديمية 2010 download