Name : Usamah Hamid Yousif

title : Professor

College : Science

Department : Environment sciences

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Usamah Hamid Yousif
CURRICULUM VITAE Full Name: Usamah Hamid Yousif Date of Birth: 21st- Nov.- 1957 Nationality: Iraq Gender: Male E-mail: Marital Status: Married Academic Qualifications: DegreeYearUniversitySubject B.Sc. 1980 Basrah (Iraq) Fisheries & Marine Resources M.Sc. 1983 Basrah (Iraq) Fish Eco-biology Ph.D. 2002 Basrah (Iraq) Fish Feeding ecology Title of M.Sc. thesis:Eco-biological study of Carasobarbusluteus (Heckel) and Liza abu (Heckel) from Mehaijran canal, South of Basrah. M. Sc. Thesis, Coll. Agric., Univ. Basrah.192P. Title of Ph.D. thesis:Feeding relationships of the abundant carnivorous fishes and their effectiveness on food resources in the Northwest Arabian Gulf. Ph. D. Thesis, Coll. Sci., Univ. Basrah. 89P. Employment record: Assistant lecturer (1985): Marine Science Centre, University of Basrah Lecturer (1990): Marine Science Centre, University of Basrah Assistant Professor (1996): Marine Science Centre, University of Basrah Professor (2012): Basrah& Arab Gulf Studies Center, University of Basrah Professor (2013- ) Science College, University of Basrah Professional experience: Teaching lectures Ecology Pollution Fish biology Fish ecology Limnology Mathematical Modeling Fundamentals of Ecology Marine Ecology Scientific Researches