Name : Firas Mustafa Hassan Alkhatib

title : Lecturer

College : Science

Department : Environment sciences

Email :

Firas Mustafa Hassan Alkhatib

Curriculum vitae

Name : Firas Mustafa Hassan Al – Khatib

Date of birth : 1972.

Place of birth : Basrah - Iraq

Gender : Male

Nationality : Iraqi

Marital state : Married

Address : Environment Department / College of Science
Basrah University / Basrah – Iraq

Mobile : 00964 000000000
E- Mail :

Certificates :

1- B. Sc. in Biology 1995.

2- M. Sc. in Biology (Environmental Pollution) 1998. (Distribution of hydrocarbon compounds and their sources in sediment cores from Shatt Al-Arab estuary and North – West Arabian Gulf).

3- PhD in Biology(Environmental Pollution) 2009. ( Determination the concentration , origin and distribution of hydrocarbon compounds in water , sediment and some biota of Hor Al-Howaiza marsh south of Iraq and their sources ) .

Experience :

• I am working as a lecturer in Biology and Ecology Department / College of Science / University of Basrah since 2001, teaching environmental pollution, Oceanography, water and soil pollution, Air pollution courses.
• I had worked as a researcher in environmental pollution line in Iraqi marshlands ,Shatt Al-Arab river , estuary and north – west region of Arabian Gulf , also participation in many conference.
• I had worked as environmental pollution consultant at the southern environment general directorate / Ministry of Environment /Iraq from Mar. 2011 to Mar. 2012.
• I am a combined associated researcher with environmental science and Geology College /Waterloo University, Canada and Dept of Biology / College of Science /Basrah University, including six months samples analysis in Waterloo University.
• I had worked as a super visor for postgraduate student in environmental pollution thesis.
• I had worked as a super visor for many undergraduate student graduated researches.
• Collect hundreds Biota ,water , soil and sediment samples from Shat Al-Arab River ,Branch and estuary and N W Arabian Gulf .
• Collect hundreds Biota, water, soil and sediment samples from Iraqi Marshes, and polluted area.
• .
• .
• Biota survey was done for many EIA project with many International Company).

Published paper :

1- Patent in Bioremediation.
Title (Remediation of oil pollution by using a new iso