Name : Hatam Ahmed Jasim Mahmood AL-Essa

title : Professor

College : Pharmacy

Department : Pharmaceutical chemistry

Email :

Hatam Ahmed Jasim  Mahmood AL-Essa

Curriculum Vitae
Personal information

Name: Prof. Dr. Hatam Ahmed Jasim
Date of Birth: 1-7-1957
Place of Birth: Basrah -Iraq
Title: Professor in Inorganic Chemistry
Address: College of Pharmacy, University of Basrah, IRAQ
Email : Tel: 009647801400904

B.Sc.: 1976-1980 from University of Basrah.
Ph.D.: 1983-1987 from Sussex University, Brighton, UK. (School of MOLS)
Thesis title: X-Ray Crystallographic Studies of Some Organometallic Compounds and their precursors.

1- X-Ray Crystallographic studies (single crystals).
2- Inorganic Chemistry---Organometallic Chemistry.

Field of Research interest
1- X-Ray crystallographic studies.
2- Synthesis of organometallic compounds.
3- Pharmaceutical analysis and stability.

Professional Experience
Teaching in different topics:
1- Pharmaceutical analysis. 2- Identification Compounds.
3- General Chemistry. 4- X-Ray diffraction studies.
5- Co-ordination Chemistry. 6- Advance Inorganic Chemistry ID/0000-0001-8222-6465