Name : Ahmed Sagban Saadoon

title : Lecturer

College : Engineering

Department : Civil Engineering

Email :

Ahmed Sagban Saadoon

E-mail: ahmed, and . Mob.: +964-7703277650.
Add. :Iraq, Basrah, College of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Room #12.
Name Ahmed SagbanSaadoon
Sex Male
Marital Married
Date of birth May 15, 1976
Nationality Iraqi
Current occupation Ph. D., Lecturer in Basrah Univ.
2011 Ph.D.- in Civil engineering. Basrah University, College of Engineering, Civil Eng. Dept.
2002 M.S.- in Civil engineering. Basrah University, College of Engineering, civil Eng. Dept.
1999 B.S.–in Civil engineering. Basra University, College of Engineering, Civil Eng. Dept.
Teaching experience:

Engineering Analysis, for 3rd stage BSc.
Numerical Analysis, for 3rd stage BSc.

2011- 2012 Mathematics, for 1st stage BSc.
2003- 2011 1- Material laboratory.
2- Concrete laboratory.
3- Soil laboratory.
4- Computer laboratory.
Languages Arabic, English
Computer languages Fortran, Visual Basic
Operating systems Windows
Award / Memberships -
Software Strong experience with Microsoft Office (word, power point, Excel, etc.), Matlab.
Interested research areas
Concrete materials, structural reinforced concrete, and FRP materials.
Title of MSc. Dissertation Latral buckling of beams under dynamic loads.
Title of Ph.D. dissertation Theoritical and experimental investigation of PVC-concrete composite columns.

1- A Neural Network Model to Predict Ultimate Strength of Rectangular Concrete Filled Steel Tube Beam–Columns.
2- Use of Neural Networks to Predict Ultimate Strength of Circular Concrete Filled Steel Tubes Beam-Columns.
3- Effect of Loading Level and Span Length on Critical Buckling Load.
4- Prediction of Ultimate Load of Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP Bars Using Artificial Neural Networks.
5- Effect of High Heating and Cooling on Concrete.
6- Empirical Design Equations For PVC-Concrete Composite Columns.
7- Prediction of Ultimate Strength of PVC-Concrete Composite Columns Using FIS Models.
8- A Survey Investigation for the Corruption in struction in Iraqi Construction Projects.
9- Experimental Investigation of Plain ConcreteFilled Plastic Tubular Columns.
10- Experimental Investigation of Partially Reinforced Concrete-Filled Plastic Tubular Columns.
11- A Review Paper on Concrete-Filled Aluminum Tubular Columns.
12- A survey of Studies on Plastic Tubes Confined Plain Concrete As Compression Members.
13- Revision Study of Green Concrete.
14- A Review on Flat Slab Punching Shear Reinforcement.
15- Load-Carrying Capacity of Patch-Loaded Stiffened Steel Plate Girders.
16- Effect of CFRP Strips Orientation on Performance of Strengthened Deep Beams.