Name : Hassan Jaber Hasony

title : Professor

College : Medicine

Department : Microbiology

Email :

Hassan Jaber Hasony

Hasony H J New C V
Surname : Hasony
First names : Hassan Jaber
Date of birth : 1952
Place of birth : Thi-Qar , Annasirya, Iraq
Nationality : Iraqi
Marital status : Married , a family with 3 children
Educations : MSc , PhD medical microbiology & medical biotechnology
Speciality : Clinical Virology and immunovirology, medical biotechnology
Places of education; London University 1980, MRC-Clinical Research center &
MRC- Northwick Park Hospital , U K 1982
Address : Basrah, Al-Hakiemia , Iraq
Mobile number : 964 770 9033151
Academic Position : Head of medical microbiology dept. Basrah University medical college
Scientific position : Professor of medical virology
Academic experience : Teaching medical virology and other topics of
Mycology and medical biotechnology for the
undergraduate medical students , postgraduate
(MSc PhD and Board) students, supervission of many
Postgraduate thesis (MSc and PhD), guiding
and conducting many research projects as
Personal research or as team work at the dept.
of microbiology , college of medicine.
Published papers : 62 in many national and internationl well
recognized , worldwide journals
Supervission : 23 MSc students
7 PhD students and 1 board pediatric med
Patents and presentation: Granted the Arab Health Ministers madal
For the best scientific work in middle-east 1989
Training courses: Clinical and diagnostic virology at St Thomas’s Hospital &
Medical college , London , UK 1983
Fields of interest : Viral oncology. Arbo- and neurovirology, Enteric viruses
Viral hepatitis and virus immunosurveilance including
MERS-Coronav and other respiratory viruses.

1. The third scientific conference of Basrah health directorate 1991
2. The third conference of Basrah medical college 1992
3. Th annual medical congress-college of medicine & Basrah health directorate 1993
4. International conference on environment of the north west Gulf ,Basrah2001
5.The scientific conference for development of marshes in southern Iraq 11-12Apr2005
6. The first in