Name Naael Hussein Ali
Nationality Iraqi
Birth Date and place Aug, 21st, 1962; Basrah-Iraq

M.Sc. - College of Medicine/ University of Basrah (1999)
Ph.D. - College of Medicine/ University of Al-Mustansiriyia (2006).

Specialty - general

- Specific Medical Microbiology

Clinical Immunology.
Languages All undergraduate and postgraduate teaching were in English
Marital status Married, Four children.

Professional Experience

1-Aug. 1988-Apr. 1992: Military Hospital Laboratories
2- Jan. 1992: Medical Laboratories Departments
(Basrah Teaching Hospital)
3-Feb.1995-Sep.1996: Lecturer
Basrah Medical Technique Institute
4-Feb.1999: Awarded M.Sc. degree College of Medicine / University of Basrah.
5-1999-Mar. 2002: Lecturer and experimental research Immunology lab./Basrah General Hospital.
6-Aug.2006: Awarded Ph.D. degree College of Medicine
Al-Mustansryia University.
7- 2007-2011: Head of Department of Medical laboratories Technical Institute of Basrah.
8- 2012-2017: Dean, College of Nursing/ University of Basrah.

Current position Lecturer (Immunology), College of Medicine, University of Basrah.
Lecturer(Immunology), College of Medical and Health Technique, Technique University of Basrah

Scientific grade Professor
Contact E-Mail :
Mobile: +9647801308054

Research activities 1-Ali NH, Mahdi NK: Case of cryptosporidiosis in an Iraqi woman with ulcerative colitis. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. (1999). 5(1): 186-188.
2-Ali NH, Mahdi NK: First reported three cases of cyclosporiasis in Iraq. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, (1999). 5(5): 1055-1057.

3-Ali NH: Prevalence of cryptosporidiosis with zoonotic aspect. M.Sc. thesis submitted to the College of Medicine-University of Basrah. 1999.

4-Ali NH, Mahdi NK: Cryptosporidiosis in patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapy. International Conference on the Environment of the North West Arabian Gulf (2001) Jan. Marine Science Center, University of Basra.

5-Mahdi NK, Ali NH: Intestinal parasites, including Cryptosporidium species, in Iraqi patients with sickle-cell anaemia. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, (2002); 8(2/3): 345-349.
36th Iraqi Medical Conference. (2001). Feb. Baghdad.

6-Mahdi NK, Ali NH: Susceptibility of immunosuppressed mice to infection by opportunsitics: Cryptosporidium and Pneumocystis carinii. Marina Mesopotamica, (2001), 16(2): 101-104.

7-Mahdi NK, Ali NH, Abdul-Hussien : The effect of breast feeding on amoebiasis, giardiasis and cryptosporidiosis in children below the age of two years. Journal of the Arab Board of Medical Specializa