Everything that concerns the teaching staff from the faculty portal and the search for faculty at Basra University in addition to all of their literature, statistics, promotions, etc.

pic name title department
Thikra Mohamed Kadhum Assistant Lecturer Basrah and Arab Gulf Studies
Furqan Almyahi Assistant Professor Physics
Zaidoon Abdulrazaq Abboud Lecturer English Language
Abeer Ali Hussein Humood Al-Mowali Assistant Lecturer Pathology and Forensic
Layla Salih Al-Omran Assistant Professor Chemistry
Zainb Abd Alelah Abd Alleteif Abass Lecturer Civil Engineering
Samera Mohamed Salih Alsamraei Assistant Professor Horticulture and gardening
Khadeeja Sami Madhi Assistant Lecturer Microbiology
BADER SALEH ALABDULLAH Lecturer Pharmaceutical chemistry
Ahmed Zayr Resan Alasde Assistant Lecturer Horticulture and gardening
Zainab Allag Hasan Assistant Professor Basic Medical Sciences
Amir Abdullah Jabir Professor Marine Science Center
Sadoun Abbas Alsalimi Assistant Lecturer Basic Medical Sciences
Prof. Dr. Hussain Ali Hussain Al Khursan Professor Physics
Noor M. Nooruldin Ars Al Majidi Assistant Lecturer English language