Everything that concerns the teaching staff from the faculty portal and the search for faculty at Basra University in addition to all of their literature, statistics, promotions, etc.

pic name title department
Sarmad Asaad Saleem Alshuraida Assistant Lecturer Computer Science
Firas Fathi Ali Mousa Alfatih Assistant Lecturer English Language
Rana Oudah Mutashar Salah Al Oudah Assistant Lecturer Civil Engineering
Jasim Salah Jasim Lecturer sp
Ali Abbood Issa Al- Iedani Professor Microbiology
Baydaa Razaq Hassin Lecturer Economics
Ala´a Ali Hussain Lecturer Chemistry
Alaa Shaker Omran Lecturer Geography
Khalaf Abdalrazak Hassan Assistant Professor Animal Products
Sita Aram Kyork Garabedian Lecturer Marine Science Center
Abbas Adel Hantoush Abood Al-Dhalemi Professor Marine Science Center
Dhafer Kadhim Assistant Professor Arabic Language
Ashwaq Ghazi Safih Al_ Yasiri . Lecturer Arabic Language
Hussein Nasser Khalaf Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical chemistry
Manal Abd AL-khaliq Abrhim Hussan ALgeam Lecturer Pharmacology and Toxicology